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New Moon In Aries

Begin at the beginning, this could be the perfect start to your year.

Yes I know it's not a picture of a new moon, but if it was there wouldn't be anything to see!

Anyway, on with the post.

As a Spiritual peep, I have come to know the power of Mother Moon and her cycles, and the affect they can have on our mind, emotions, our health and our spirit. In fact, for many, many moons I have organised my life round the lunar cycle to bring the maximum energy into my life with projects, health and how I react to the world at a certain time, and how others are likely to react.

When starting to work with the cycle of the Moon, the waxing and waning, you will find life just a little bit easier, obstacles are removed, or just aren't there! This isn't new age tish tosh, our Ancestors have been working with Lunar cycles since the beginning of time. Look at gardeners, farmers, small holders. They know when the time is right to plant and to harvest. Incidentally, to give your seeds the best start, plant them on a full or new Moon, the seeds hold water better and the moisture content in the ground rises to the top, enabling better, healthier germination.

Ahem, enough of Gardeners World, let's move on.

We all know our Sun sign, but did you now your Moon sign is just as important to reveal how you work, especially emotionally. Where your Sun sign shows your life purpose, where you leave your mark on the world, your Moon sign shows the basis of your emotions, how, why and where you express your feelings, your deepest needs, basic habits and reactions to the world around you. If you research your Moon sign it will give you an insight to how you react to the world, so giving you the tools to recognise when you are blocking yourself, through procrastination or low self esteem for example, and what positive traits you can gocus on more to help you move forward and achieve.

"Manifesting with the Moon's cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors" Yasmin Boland.

So how do we work with the beautiful Mother Moon energy, apart from standing outside and marvelling at her brilliance and taking photos to share on facebook?

In a nutshell:

New Moon is like a blank canvas. This is the time to plant seeds, new beginnings, unlimited possibilities and intentions. A good time to write down what you want to achieve over the coming month, little bite sizes chunks of how you can progress towards your goals, whether career orientated or personal, how to break habits, start a new healthy eating regime or ways of bringing exercise into your day to day life.

Waxing Moon is the time of emerging, fresh energy, to focus on detail, to declare to the Universe your intentions. A time of your "seeds" planted at New moon to start sprouting.

First Quarter This is where you find your ideas gaining momentum, a busy time of adding ad growing to your intention, the "roots" if you like to set strong foundations. Time to pay attention to details and action.

Waxing Gibbous Here you need patience, you need to edit and refine your intention, bring your wishes into minute focus. You need to check you are nurturing your life.

Full Moon Here is the peak energy time of the cycle, see how your intentions, your idea, is blossoming. Feel joy at how far you have come from planting that first seed. Celebrate your achievements, however big or small.

Waning Gibbous is the time to review and release anything that isn't working. Removing any rough edges that just don't fit. Put things on the back burner if they don't quite fit yet.

Last Quarter. This is a time of breaking down and readjusting. Tweak anything that needs to be tweaked. Look at how you could do things differently. Forgive yourself if something hasn't happened or is not working, you ARE allowed to make mistakes, otherwise how will you learn and grow.

Waning Crescent Rest, rest ,rest. You've worked hard, stop and reflect how you have done this past month. Nurture yourself. Do NOT start anything new!

And So We Come To This Months New Moon In Aries.

Just as the monthly waxing and waning of the Moon helps to take those little steps to move you forward to becoming your best self and having the best life you deserve, so the star sign the Moon is being influenced by can hold another piece of the jigsaw to manifestation.

The Aries New Moon is the very start of the Astrological calendar, apt as it occurs at the very beginning of spring time, the time of new beginnings. The Aries New Moon can bring new knowledge and understanding of your world, like the birth of new life on the farms, the lambs and cows and goats, see what the clever old farmers have done there? So you can bring new life, new beginnings to your year.

Aries is ruled, or associated with, the planet Mars. The red planet of energy, strength and enthusiasm

The Aries New Moon, therefore, is an excellent time for writing out your twelve month plan Stan. Take this time to think how and where you would like to be in twelve months time. What would you have liked to achieved this time next year. Break it down into twelve, easy(!) monthly steps towards your ultimate goal. If in the past you have let self doubt block you from getting to where you want to go, this New Moon is the time to throw that emotion out! Aries and Mars energy lets you be who you want to be, to be impulsive, to play to enjoy. Decide where you can be bolder in your life, stop worrying as much about what others think, this is YOUR journey, YOUR start living it.

This is my new start this year. I have been trying to launch a website for years...years and years....well about six, may be seven, but I'm doing it. It's not as perfect as I would like it, which is how I have blocked myself in the past, but the last few months running up to this moment my Guides have been giving me signs....sooo many signs, in meditation, cards, random songs, to get off my backside and just DO IT. So I am :-). And now they are metaphorically slapping hands to forehead and saying "thank Source for that".

So get on it.

Angie x

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