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Reiki Reiki Reiki.

I love Reiki, really, really, love Reiki. Reiki was the first therapy I learnt when sitting in circle at the beginning of my Spiritual and healing pathway.

It can be combined with all other therapies, enhancing them, deepening your intuition and empathy towards your client, ultimately raising your energy vibration to give the best treatment you can.

Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki is the original Reiki that forms the basis of all other forms of Reiki.

Over the years as I have progressed through Reiki One, Two, Three and onto Level Three Master Practitioner and Teacher, I have grown, healed and mellowed gently, gradually to where I am now. Although I still have much to learn and much to work through healing wise (don't we all!), I trust Reiki to help integrate all areas gently, supporting me all the way.

I also love teaching Reiki. Passing on this fantastic healing modality to others is a form of healing in itself. I have watched students grow and heal gradually over time before my eyes, becoming stronger more balanced people.

Reiki works by channelling through the therapist into your body kickstarting your own immune system to work at a deep level to bring about healing on all energy levels, physical, mental, Spiritual and emotional. Reiki very cleverly goes to exactly where it is needed most, to the very root cause of whatever is out of balance in the body.

During a Reiki session you will feel deeply relaxed and at peace. I use a crystal grid under the treatment couch to help direct and enhance the energy flow and my sound healing forks to help clear the aura and raise my clients vibration.

Reiki uses and helps balance all the elements of nature and in your body and aura. Air for connection with imagination and connection to the Universal 100% pure light source, Fire for passion, compassion and enthusiasm, Water to assist with intuition flow and ease the flow of emotions, Earth for grounding, clarity and your connection to Mother earth and finally the Etheric, the fifth element, to help heal and re energise on a Spiritual level.

Learning Reiki will enhance your life in every way. I channel Reiki into my body every morning during my protection ritual and every night when I say my "thank you's" for the day.

I use one of the symbols to help me find lost items (it works! Honest!) and to send distance healing. I use all of the symbols in a certain order when I do energy clearances on houses and people. I use it on food, animals, crystals, you name it you can probably use Reiki on it :-).

If you would like a Reiki session, either in person or distance healing, or an energetic clearance on yourself of your home, remotely or in person, please get in touch to book an appointment. Also if you would like to start on your Reiki pathway for yourself, message me for details.

Angie x

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