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I've DONE It!......Finally...

Welcome to my website. It's not perfect...far from it, which is why it has taken me sooo long to get one up and going....a website I mean, my Aquarian nature wants nothing but perfection, but I have swallowed my pride and just got stuck in and got on with it, hang the consequences. Over the years I have started, got cross and walked away, over and over again. But this year, with a little bit of a push from my lovely Guides, I have just gone "bugger it" just get one up and running and here it is.

Please bear with me, the website is a little bare at the moment, but I will be posting as often as I can.

I am going to try and post subjects that will interest all of you, wherever you are on your journey. If something is too basic, apologies, but we all had to start somewhere.

I may ramble at times, again apologies, it's how I teach, Aquarian air element kicking in again, head processing 20 different things at once with no filter. :-).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact form or through my Facebook page (I think the button works on here).

Angie x

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