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Crystals or Oracle Cards, Where Do I Begin?

Want to work with Spirit? But haven't a clue which direction to choose? Don't worry, I have done EXACTLY the same thing! Read on to help you take a step forward.

Your crystals are twinkling nicely on your windowsill, the Oracle cards you bought in such excitement are shut up in a cupboard, with the occasional "tap tap remember us? we're still here" flashing through your head when you pass by.

But when the excitement has wavered after the initial shopping trip, the shuffle through the card deck and picking one, then grabbing the book to read it's meaning becomes a bit of a chore, what do you do to bring your connection to the Great Upstairs into your life and HOW do you do it?

Stop panicking please, take a deep breath, go rescue your poor cards from the depths of the cupboard, brush the dust off your crystals and caaaallllmmmm.

There is so so much out there to help you connect to your spiritual side, crystals, cards, incense, meditation cds, books....sooooo many books, it is an impossible task to find the beginning. Well, guess what, there isn't a beginning, honestly, pick one (or possibly two) and dive in.

Enjoy Yourself!

"You wouldn't try and run a marathon without a little training"


"Been there, done that, bought the crystal...bought more crystals, bought the book, bought more more books....."

There are so many healing crystals out there. You go to the shop, spend hours choosing, holding them in the palm of your hand to "feel" which one you are drawn to, get home, excitement building, take them out of their little paper bags, they're so so lovely, then it happens, your mind goes blank, what did you buy that beautiful deep brown one with the gold stripes in for? That purpley know it's important but can't for the life of you remember what you read in the shop. So you take out your Crystal Bible, now, which picture does mine look like, that one...or that one.... I've done it....many, many times. Of course the sensible, organised ones of us have taken pictures on our phone so they know EXACTLY what the are doing.

What I'm trying to say is, don't get blocked by the first obstacle, just use them. Rule of thumb, make sure you cleanse your crystal to remove any old energy, then tell your crystal what you would like it to do, "please remove the pain of my migraines and heal the root cause of them", "please help me to connect to my higher self". They are programmable, honestly! Trust me, I am a fully qualified Crystal therapist. Another rule of thumb, well we have two don't we, learn your chakras, just the basics, then match the colour of the crystal to the area you want to heal. Simples. You have started your journey. Take your time and enjoy. There is plenty of time to start learning which is which as you go along, in fact you will start to intuitively know which one you really need, but more on that in another article.

Oracle, or Tarot Cards.

Again, don't look ahead and try to be a master reader from day one. Intuitively reading cards takes practice, practice, practice, but the journey is fun, I promise!

There are many, many Oracle and Tarot decks out there, all beautifully illustrated. No you don't have to have a set "gifted" to you, although if anyone wants to buy me a set address provided below :-). The best way to get practice is to use them. Pick a card and look at it, what "jumps" out at you, colours, shapes, symbols, a story? How does the card make you feel? Happy, anxious, excited? Write anything down that comes to you and then put card away and get on with your day. Look back at what you wrote later that evening and see if you "predicted" how your day went. DON'T beat yourself up if it makes no sense. It really doesn't matter, it may make sense in the following days. The point is you are using them and you are starting to engage with your higher self/intuition. Try and do one every morning, just two, three minutes. Practice on friends and ask for their feedback.

Conclusion of this little post of mine, as I am running out of space, when starting on your journey to connect with Spirit, there are many, many ways to start, too many to mention here. But you need to start. Crystals and Oracle cards are a brilliant starting point as they open your third eye up and start exercising it. You will connect to your higher self and you WILL get progressively better. If you have a friend who is like minded, do it at the same time. Message each other with your insights, send pictures of cards to each other. Read the card for each other. If you have any insights during the day, message them and tell them. I do it. I have a very good friend Jou, we message each other all the time, even now, a long way down the pathway, we still remind each other that we need to get back to "billy basics" as Jou calls it. Even though I work with Spirit every day, I still need confirmation and another point of view. Just start, little bit every day, it doesn't take long, few minutes, you'll be glad you did, the buzz you get will encourage you to go further. Join a group, or circle, find a teacher that you like. Just do it!

I will be posting more info on this page over the coming months, please check in every now and then. This is the start of my journey to help more people in a greater area with the power of the written word and the internet.

Angie x

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