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Thank You For Visiting.

Hello and welcome to my blog page.

My name is Angie and I am very lucky to live on the south coast of England in the New Forest.

I love working for Spirit and I love using their guidance to help and to heal people.

I have many Holistic therapies under my belt, being a typical Aquarian, I am constantly reading, researching and finding new ways to help people.

I have been trying to get a web page up and running for a few years, procrastination and perfectualism (is that actually a word?) blocking me at every step.....or perhaps that was them upstairs saying I wasn't ready yet, who knows.

I will be writing on any subject that is grabbing my energy at that time, from all things Spiritual, to healing, wellness and, well, anything that I think might be worth passing on. If I can help just one person through this blog, I will be more than chuffed.

Any goes, apologies in advanced for any spelling mistakes, rambling or just plain silliness. I tend to write as I speak, so try to read with a humorous ear!

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have through the normal email or text messaging.

Angie x

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